Mobile training

A multifaceted mobile training and development kiosk that puts all of your training, testing and development within a single device with the simplicity of a touch screen interface. Your easily converted content or media and our portfolio of SCORM compliant training modules covers everything from sexual harassment, health safety, food preparation to customer relations making it the best mobile training solution "on wheels." Not to mention reducing or eliminating the threats to you network. Because our software provides multimedia and printing capabilities,the MT-9520 can double for an in-store video display. Minimized training space, maximize cross department impactand cover compliance requirements.

  • Mobile Kiosk / Adaptable LMS
  • Training & Compliance
  • Multiple Languages
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Related work?

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    Regulatory COMpliance

    Are you concerned about keeping up with the most current regulation training. We maintain a database of customizable training modules that keep you compliant and your employees informed. Industries covered: Financial, Hospitality.

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    custom training videoS

    Do you know what you want, but just need to sit down with smart people that will not only help you with your internal interviews, but develop content for training videos and employee testing. We can help you sort it out so your data and content won't be Let us help.

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    Not understanding the legal ramifications and costs of not putting your internal data to work for employee training is a bad bet! Being able to provide documentation on how your company did everything possible to help an employee understand compliance goes a long way in court. Your have the just need to communicate it!