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Our Philosophy

We believe that Data & Insights paralysis-analysis is alive and well as companies refine strategies around the architecture, software, management, resource allocation, ownership, storage, distribution, sale and security of internal and external data. Wouldn’t it be better to spend this time developing products, services and increasing top line revenue? Well, that's what we do.

We accomplish our mission by employing not just the best data, analytic and software development talent, but by finding unique individuals who don't believe that "there is a box." Are we certified? Yes. Our Microsoft, Java and PHP developers, project managers, data architects and engineers, analysts and network partners help our clients provide Data as a Service ("DaaS" ) solutions both in and outside of their organizations. Selling Insights was the founder of the patented Data as a Profit Center ("DaaPC") process which provides a roadmap to clients on opportunities to create profit centers with datasets while protecting proprietary and confidential data.


Our Data Philosophy and Strategy are based on the following beliefs.

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We are in the early stages of the data revolution which will focus not just on different types of data, but managing its growth and use through the best developed internal and external applications and product offerings that meet your company's strategic direction.


Insight generating capabilities will continue to become the driver of which applications are utilized. Applications must be flexible enough for custom analysis but systematic for turn-key reporting, graphing and templates.


Eliminating data management silos across departments and subsidiaries within companies utilizing efficient technology solutions will continue to gain more traction. Companies will not understand the true sales and marketing power of data until they can see how their interconnected internal data can best be utilized.


Companies will continue to find uses for their data as a profit center (DaaPC). Licensing and selling data and insights will begin to offset the cost of client infrastructure, software, data integration, analytic and mining costs.


Network, Software and Data “As a Service"will continue to move together as companies offer fast, secure and redundant data availability internally and to vendors, partners and future customers