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    Data Driven Insights

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    Big Data

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    Contract & Perm Talent

What we do?

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    data driven apps

    Selling Insights develops & delivers innovative data driven products that drive sales utilizing big data, insights & the best development technologies.

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    Analytics & insights

    We find the accurate and scrubbed data that makes analytics and insights possible. Let us help you find and use the nuggets that drive sales.

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    Perm & Contract Talent

    We build out teams and place the top data & insight talent in the industry that not only understand the tools, but provide thought leadership for growth.

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    Cloud Solutions

    All the big data talk just doesn't matter without real solutions and scalable cloud apps that can be implemented fast with the help of our private cloud offerings.

Recent work?

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Selling Insights Talent

Check out the latest and greatest permanent and contract data, analytic, category management, sales planning and big data jobs.

  • MetaSlice

    The MetaSlice platform and mobile app delivers compliance and performance data from the field simply and effectively with our patent pending technology. Gathering mission critical performance insights with unpredictable people used to be a hassle...until now.


    Introducing South Silicon. An Atlanta Accelerator producing mobile apps that will re-write successful entrepreneurial ventures. Stay Tuned.

  • Algorithymic Machine Learning Drives Ad Conversion & ROI

    Selling Insights, the founder of DaaPC (data as a profit center) partners with Atlanta big data firm launches the next generation of self-learning certifications.

Quick Links

  • Data, Analytic, Category Management Jobs

    Selling Insights places the best big data, insights, analytic marketing talent. We create data and development solutions everyday, so we know value!

  • IBM Partner Solutions & Hometown Atlanta

    Selling Insights partner IBM is set to open Foundary Innovation Center at Georgia Tech to harness Atlanta's big data and technology brain power.

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    Can "open" medical data cure cancer?

    Sharing your personal medical data can unlock disease to a world of people seeking the cure. Does privacy really matter when your exposed in a hospital.